The Story Teller – Charms tell the story of moments and events in our lives. They are tactile, fun, glamorous, whimsical and most of all meaningful. The versatility of charms means that they can weave their own magic spells, reflect a current mood or make a fashion statement. Build your charm bracelet or necklace and tell your story.

Our charms are rhodium plated and tarnish-free with an easy to change lobster clasp. Changing charms and adding new ones couldn’t be easier…

At Jewelry Everett, WA we searched the worldwide market for “high quality, designer fashion, sterling silver jewelry”. We came to the conclusion, that what we wanted to sell had to have the highest quality, contemporary designs, and most of all had to be rhodium plated. We also looked at the packaging that accompanied the product, the warranties, and affordable price points.

Well we believed they all had the characteristics we were looking for, highest quality of manufacture, contemporary fashionable designs, beautiful packaging, all rhodium plated, which means it will always be a bright white color and never tarnish.

Important cause we pursue

Hot Diamonds is a 20 year old company based in London, and they were the first to marry sterling silver with GIA diamonds. Vyana comes from the largest cutter of colored stones in the world. This allows them marry the quality of semi-precious stones with high quality sterling silver in a way that is affordable. Of course our buyers will continue to travel to all of the most important “Jewelry Shows” to try and find new lines that also meet our criteria.

We have spent a lot of time finding the best product offerings in Sterling Silver, so that you don’t have to. When you receive your beautiful new product, we want you to think, my gosh this is beautiful piece, and the quality definitely shows!

The founder of Jewelry Everett, WA, has been in the jewelry business since 1981. That is over 30 years of experience. He has worked as a buyer, a manager, a salesperson at the time the largest Jewelry wholesale company in the world. he was responsible for the overall direction of merchandising and sales.

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